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How to package video games to sell on ebay?

Have a few playstation 1 and snes games that i will be listing on ebay. I only have the cartdrige for snes and the game with cd case and booklet for the playstation. However the playstation games i have, i only have a couple and they are very cheap like $1-$15 only. I know i have the seller pay for shipping.

Whats the best way to ship these? I currently dont have any amazon boxes etc as i threw all those out. Do i need those bubble things in the package? I dont have much of these. So i dont really want to spend a few dollars to buy this as many of the old ps1 games i have would probably sell for 1-2 dollars only.

I do have some snes games where it goes for 20-30 dollars though. But im curious what you people who sell items that are like 1-2 dollar... how do you ship them? I mean are you using a very small yelloe envelope? Even if so, dont you have to put bubble on it?

Also for shipping, how do you guys estimate it? I see many ppl who 3 dollars or so and the last thing i want is to get to usps and find out it cost 5 dollars to ship it where i sold a ps1 game for 1 or 2 dollars only and thus i would be losing money selling it!

I have read usps first class is the only way to sell video games. Is that true? Looking for advice from those who sold snes and playstation games. Yea if you sell those games that are 30 dollars plus now, then its not a big deal paying extra for things but u cant really profit if you have to pay 1-2 dollars for packaging for each product. Wondering how you guys do it.

Also for those that sell old systems... it seems like it cost at least 25 dollars to ship it. How do sellers estimate how much it would cost to ship a system that someone paid 10 dollars for? If they put shiipping at 25 dollars then find out its 32 dollars... then well they not going to make any profit packaging and shipping it out.
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Bubble mailers will probably be the cheapest. You can find bubble mailers on–you guessed it–eBay. Ship everything via USPS first class mail and purchase the postage via eBay–it's marginally cheaper than at the post office counter, and low cost items are a game of margins. Those super cheap 1$+free shipping items you see are usually shipped via ePackage delivery from China, or else via special volume discounts you can't get as a small seller.

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eBay will tell buyers the shipping costs, if you pick that route. So they won't be going in blind.

Unless you're wanting to say "free shipping" to draw in more people. But then, you'll just have to set the minimum to be sure and cover shipping costs.
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Well the thing is i only need a few of these bubble mailers. From looking at ebay, it seems like most of them sell in heavy bulk. Is there a way to get only a few of these only? Of course the thing is shipping will cost more for these things.

Is there any other alternative to this? I believe i do have a few small boxes from amazon but using those would make shipping cost much more right?

Also what about those ppl that sell computers and video game systems and say 25 dollars for shipping or 50 etc. How do they know how much it cost or do they approxiate it? Or do they have like a weigh machine in their place where they would estimate such as okay 10lbs cost this much shipping, 30 lbs cost this much etc.
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How to package video games to sell on ebay?

You can go to and calculate shipping. But you do need to know the weight of your stuff. You can go to a post office and weigh stuff and write it down and come home and figure out what packages you'd like to use and the shipping cost you want to charge.

You can get mailers for cheap at wal mart or a store like Office Max or even Target. Wal mart is cheapest.

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Thanks. But im curious but how do people ship video game systems such as super nintendo and other systems if they don't have the original box.
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I see lot of these mail bubblers being sold on ebay. Does anyone know what size is the best one to buy? Seems like the 4 X 8 are the ones that people use to ship video games? Or is that size a bit too small?
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Originally Posted by Pauly01 View Post
Well the thing is i only need a few of these bubble mailers. From looking at ebay, it seems like most of them sell in heavy bulk. Is there a way to get only a few of these only?
If a "bubble mailer" is a large envelope with bubble wrap inside, you should be able to get those in reasonable quantities at office supply stores. If there aren't any near you, you can get 12 for $10 at
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Any difference between the white vs the yellow mail bubblers? I see them on ebay and apparently the white ones are called poly but the yellow ones are called kraft. Is there any big difference? I did read that the poly ones are waterproof and yellow ones are not? Also if thats the case, why on ebay are those white poly ones cheaper than the yellow ones?

Another question but for mailing video games, 6x10 is the right size right? At first i thought 4x8 was enough but then i read some ppl mention its not really 4x8 and its much smaller and wouldnt fit a video game.

Also my video game are snes and playstation 1 only so they arent as long as playstation 2 and those xbox games. So 6x10 is the size i should get right?

Also when shipping it via usps, the only way to ship it is first class right? I read video games have to be shipped that way? Does anyone know how much it will cost about approximiately?

Also i see lot of those ppl that sell these bubble mailers really cheap even for smaller quantities like 10 of them only for $2.50 or so. They are mailing them by just putting a stamp on it right and putting it right in the mailbox?
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