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Any ideas why Intel Turbo Boost monitor would stop working?

I've already googled it and checked the Intel site. I found others with the same issue, but no solutions.

I have a program called CPU-Z that lets me watch my clock speed. I have an i5 - 2.5ghz processor. Through CPU-Z I can see it exceeding 2.5 for brief periods so Turbo Boost is working, but the monitor application no longer shows this. It shows it constantly in energy saver.

I checked task manager and it shows the monitor running. ver. 2.0 came with my laptop so I installed 2.6 from the intel website and still doesnt work. It was working fine last time I looked at it, a few months ago. No changes to my laptop other than normal Windows security updates. Power management profile is set to high performance. It's not affecting anything obviously because Turbo Boost is working, but things like this just bug me.

Any ideas?

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