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Men's shirt sizes XL vs 1X?

Looking at some Columbia shirts online and they list XL, 1X and XXL. Most men's shirt and jacket sizing I've seen jumps from XL to XXL. What exactly is "1X" just a size between XL and XXL or is it actually XL ?
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In the shirt you linked to, there is X-Large Tall and 1X (and then 2X and 2X Tall) but there is no plain XL. 1X is the same as other places' XL, I don't know why they make it different for the Tall one vs the regular one. But given the rest of their sizes (2X, 3X etc) 1X makes sense.

I looked at some other shirts, which used XL and XXL instead of 1X and 2X. Maybe it depends on the brand. Nope, I checked several other shirts with the same brand, and this is the only one I could find that used this sizing nomenclature. Just weird, I guess.
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