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I'm guessing it's mostly ginger, plus maybe nutmeg, cinnamon and maybe cloves.

Also, on the subject of rum: is it just me, or could I make an absolute fortune by opening up my own rum distillery in, say, Haiti or Jamaica? I could pay the locals something like $3/hr and they'd think they were getting a king's ransom. For the raw materials I'd need, what, maybe molasses, yeast, water & sugar? The biggest expenses would be bottling (plastic or glass) and the molasses. Could I use Grandma's Sorghum Molasses® like I buy at Wal-Mart when I want to make oatmeal cookies? Or would I have to buy a more high-powered (and more expensive) pure sugar cane molasses?

I know that Sammy Hagar opened up a tequila distillery in Mexico, and he said on Behind the Music that he's made tons more money as a distiller than he ever made in heavy metal.
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From the Vermont Dept of Liquor Control at :

Captian Morgan's Spiced Rum
A blend of Puerto Rican rum, spices, and other natural flavors including vanilla, apricot, fig and tincture of cassia. Honey color. Spicy, honeyed nose that includes aromas of nutmeg, coriander, and cinnamon. Creamy texture. Flavors of molasses, honey, and spices.

I've also heard that cloves are included.
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I was reading up on making your own flavored liquors once and according to a page I found (great souce, huh?) the overwhelming spice in vanilla, and that you can infact turn regular rum into spiced rum by skicking a couple vanilla beans in it overnight.

There is one more expense tacked on to any liquor production: taxes, taxes, taxes.

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