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During one of the Inventions, Joel holds up a zebra striped stool and says "Its a Doctari Stool!!"

What is Doctari?
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That's "Daktari," the 1960s television series about a wildlife veterinary clinic in Africa. The crack about the zebra-skin stool is a reference to the show's zebra-striped land rovers.

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It's Daktari, and it was a TV show

From, searching for "Daktari:"

Plot Summary for
"Daktari" (1966)

Dr. Marsh Tracy was a veterinarian running an animal study center in Africa. Helping him were his daughter Paula, American Jack Dane and Mike, a local. Also living with the Tracys--and equally a part of the show's starring cast--were a crossed-eyed lion named Clarence and a chimp named Judy. The series' storylines were largely centered around protecting the wildlife of the local game preserve from poachers and other threats.
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My stool is not striped!
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Useless fact: the Daktari stool was the final invention Joel exchanged with the Mads, in the famous Mitchell experiment.
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