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Tell me about your favorite subReddits.

I've been starting to visit Reddit more and more frequently and have been a fan of a lot of good subreddits for a few months now. I have a LOT of subreddits added, at least a hundred, all which I find enjoyable to some degree...
...but a few of them that I really, really enjoy more than average and would highly recommend to others to check out would be:

ASMR - Videos and audio files of sounds, noises, voices, or repetitive things that feel good or are strangely calming.
Creepy - Self explanatory.
Dataisbeautiful - Charts and graphs that are usually very interesting.
Internetisbeautiful - Same as above only with websites.
DesignPorn - Products or places that have some really cool, clever, or interesting designs.
MildlyInteresting - A collection of things that are vaguely intriguing.
Interestingasfuck - Things slightly more interesting
MildlyIrritating - A collection of things vaguely irritating
Minimalism - Places, designs, products that show less is better and often cool-looking or relaxing.
OldSchoolCool - Photos from the olden days that are fairly interesting.
Theydidthemath - Finding out interesting equations you wouldn't normally think of until someone else mentioned it and then you go "Oh yeah, that IS a good question..."
NoSleep - Think Creepypasta type stuff.
TIFU - Stands for "Today I Fucked Up...." usually followed by a "by" and the reason the person fucked up.
TIL - Stands for "Today I Learned...". A collection of interesting tidbits of knowledge on many subjects.
Trashy - Photos that show the best "trashy" thing one can think of.
Unexpected - Probably my second favorite subreddit. Photos, stories, gifs, and videos that all end in ways you wouldn't think they would.
WhatIsThisThing - People posting strange objects and asking what they are.

And my top favorite subreddit of all time, one that I check every day, without fail, and that has spawned many a laugh out loud over the last few weeks...
Showerthoughts - For those revelations you have while thinking idly in the shower that make you realize you've had a thought that nobody has probably ever had before but that makes an eerie amount of sense when you really think about it.

If you visit Reddit on a regular basis, go on, share your favorite subreddits. Make my list of 100 that I have added a possible 200.
Also, this is me on there if you want to friend me, although I rarely comment on things, I mostly just read.
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Ooh, I have a bunch of favorite ones:

Artisan Videos - videos of all sorts of interesting people performing at the top of their craft. Lots of woodworkers, metalworkers and chefs but occasionally more obscure stuff like Quake 3 champions and someone building an entire primitive technology tree from scratch.
Blunder Years - cringeworthy photos of people from when they were younger.
Chemical Reaction Gifs - Physical reactions are also allowed.
Expectations vs Reality - mainly deceptive food packaging.
Instant Regret - gifs of people doing dumb stuff
IRL Smurfing - celebrities going undercover
Just fuck my shit up - horrendous haircuts
Low battery sounds - what happens to cheap toys when the battery runs low. Horrifying.
Not Gay Porn - Slightly NSFW, clips from gay porn desexualized.
Not the Onion - IRL events that sound like Onion headlines.
Retired Gif - comments with oddly appropriate gifs.
Shitty Map Porn - really bad maps.
Shitty Reaction Gifs - This is probably the funniest subreddit I'm subscribed to.
Shitty robots - shitty robots.
Sly gifs - people recovering gracefully from a fuckup.
Sweaty Palms - People doing incredibly dumb shit or other stuff that makes you tense up inside.
Swiggity Swooty Gifs - For all the Swiggity Swooty.
Sword or Sheath - Guess whether the person is male or female.
The Ocho - A collection of obscure sports. I love this sub!
Trippin through time - Old paintings, reinterpreted.
Upvoted Not Because Girl, But Because It Is Very Cool; However, I Do Concede That I Initially Clicked Because Girl - what it says on the tin.
Wow this sub exists - great sub for finding new subs!
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Some of your favorites are also mine. I also like

(aka ELI5) a lot. And some of the computer-related subreddits have saved my bacon when I've had computer issues I couldn't figure out on my own.
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The only two I ever explore are justrolledintotheshop, which covers some truly disastrous cars and their insanely negligent owners, and electronic_cigarette, which is self-explanatory. Otherwise, Reddit is a minefield for me, one that probably has hundreds of things that would interest me but has hundreds of others that would piss me off. That said, I'll keep an eye on this since you guys are doing the dirty work for me.
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I'm pretty boring. I go to Catholicism, genealogy, recipes, cooking, cfb, NFL, baking, and Frasier, and they're all self-explanatory.

I'm looking forward to trying some that have been mentioned.
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Originally Posted by romansperson View Post
Some of your favorites are also mine. I also like

(aka ELI5) a lot. And some of the computer-related subreddits have saved my bacon when I've had computer issues I couldn't figure out on my own.
Haha, I'm subscribed to that one too, just wasn't one of my top faves. It's a good one, though.

Wow, a bevy of new ones I can check out already, in here.
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One that I haven't seen mentioned here: Polandball. I check that one out from time to time.

When it is funny, it can be very funny and pointed (not to mention sharp and cutting).
NOBODY expects the Spanish Inquisition!
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I'm a fan of AskHistorians. It's much more heavily moderated than your average subreddit. A lot of the questions are low-quality, could be answered with 5 seconds of googling or a quick visit to Wikipedia, and get rightfully ignored; others get balanced, in-depth answers from qualified historians with copious citations and everything.
Old 04-06-2016, 01:25 AM
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I regularly visit two: What's this bird and Panel show.
Old 04-09-2016, 10:44 PM
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Decoders - People post messages in code; other people try to crack them. It's great if you're a fan of ciphers.
Unresolved Mysteries - Full of mysterious disappearances, unsolved murders, and unidentified bodies.
Web Games - Links to browser-based games. Great for when you're looking for something to do.

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/r/OutOfTheLoop - for when you see everybody referencing something and you have no clue what they are talking about.
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r/PettyRevenge. It satisfies my small-mindedness and need for schadenfreude.

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