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I want to burn a CD for one of my friends for Christmas, with a playlist of songs that I picked. How much time is normally there for use on a blank? And for anyone in the recording business, is there a recommended interval of time for the space between the tracks?

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Your typical CDR will hold 650 MB of data or 74 minutes of music. If burning an audio CD, it can exceed 650 MB of data as long as it isn't over 74 minutes. You can also buy 80 minute CDRs but they may not be supported by your CD burning software. You can also fit more than the alloted time on a CD if you "overburn" but this isn't recommended as it may damage the CD burner.

Typical spacing between songs is 2 seconds. Most CD burning programs will automatically place this two second gap between songs. Some won't let you eliminate the 2 sec. gap unless you burn the CD set to Disk At Once (DAO)- this means that the CD is burned continuously with the burner constantly writing to the CD.
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Here a good link for a cdr burning forum

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