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I am sure this has been covered at some point but not recently.

How about stories about being caught in the act? Fresh stories that haven't been told earlier. And dont try to top the previous post, just tell you story.

My story (one of them):
girl friend and I are sitting on the couch late one night at her mother's house. she has my zipper down and playing. when standing at the door her mother screeches "what are you doing?". talk about shrivel! girl friend answers "talking, why?". mom answers "don't hear much talking going on" and goes back to bed. It turns out that her mother didnt have her glasses on so she couldn't see much more than us sitting next to each other on the couch.
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I lived with my freshly-divorced mother through my junior year of college. We've never really gotten along, and she had a horrible list of strict rules for me to abide by. Now, I'm pretty sure the "boyfriends should not be snuck up into your room" rule was supposed to be a given. But I was 19, and she was just too darn strict.

So, Mr killdare (when he was just "katie's boyfriend") and I were hanging out in my, um, bed when my mom woke up and came in to check on me. I was about 19, I guess. With his super-hero reflexes, Mr killdare somehow kind of shrunk down under the covers so his head was right below the start of my comfortor. Mother and I had our quick conversation ("Huh? I'm sleeping. No, I didn't hear anything...") with me stuck between the heart-wrenching anticipation of being revealed in an objectionable position and almost laughing out loud at the ridiculousness of chatting with her while my special friend was attached along the right side of my body.

She went back to bed and I thanked Baby Jesus for his mercy.
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My senior year in college I had a MONSTEROUS closet, and a roommate. My g/f also had a roomie, so evenings of intimacy were a logistical challege. Solution? A bed in the closet (did I mention it was BIG?). While we WERE quiet, good old Dave gets up for crew practice, and goes in the closet for his stuff, and the young lady and I were discovered embraced and engaged. Heard about it for months later. Thank god I was a senior and didn't have to hear about it for YEARS.
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I was probably about 17 or 18, in my room with a young man, expressing myself in a rather, ahem, vocal fashion. My mother came downstairs, opened the door and turned on the light. He froze in midstroke and we all just stared at each other. After what seemed like hours but was probably more like 20-30 seconds, Mom turned off the light, closed the door and went back upstairs to her room without saying a word.
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2 stories to share.

This one always comes up whenever I'm with my friend Matt.
Ok. I was young and innocent in highschool. Until I met Matt,and he showed me the joys of alcohol. I was REALLY into Matt too. Long hair, goatee, played the guitar and really like me too. So one night while he's walking my drunk-ass home we decide to mess around in the park near my house. So pants are un-buttoned, shirts are taken off and I'm uh..how do you say this kindly? Giving him head..(haha)Remember we're drunk so we fail to hear someone walk up. We both hear "sorry" and look up to see some guy and his dog. We both start cracking up, get dressed and walk home.

Second story. I'm with my fuckbuddy. We're about to get it on. I'm totally nekkid. FB has shirt off and is in the process of taking his pants of and uhm..er..mounting me. Door opens and in steps my 3 year old nephew at the time. Blankets fly to cover us, and I'm busy screaming,"Hey get out!! You gotta knock first!". I get busy getting dressed and try to convince my nephew what he just saw was his imagination. Didn't work. My mom found out and I had to admit the truth.
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I, too, fall into the "almost caught" category; the first time seconds (just seconds!) away from losing my hated virginity, the second time two days later.

My girlfriend and I were downstairs at my dad's house under the pretense of watching a movie (I think it was "Iron Eagle" - lousy make-out movie). It was winter, so there's covers, sweaters, etc. We'd been trying to find the time to get the deed done and this seemed as good a time as any - noone ever came downstairs during movie time (they were too busy smoking pot in the garage, it turns out). By accident, I left on my shirt, she had on socks. Jimmysack on, all systems go, 3-2-ABORT-ABORT-ABORT!

Here comes dad down the stairs - "you guys want some chicken?" Just as he rounds the corner, we get under the covers, her feet sticking out and nothing else, me showing chest up with the shirt on (other clothes safely in a corner). Looked innocent enough, because he didn't bat an eye.

"No, no chicken, thank you."

We were both too freaked out to try again. Ended up doing it three days later with noone around (story for another thread, but WOW!). Two days after that, mom tried to walk into my room while we were at it full-tilt, but the door was chained shut. I don't know what she saw, because 15 years later, she still won't talk about it.

And (aside to Geobabe), thanks. Now I'll have dreams about being that guy your mom caught you with. :-)
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A bit of advice: If you're going to get it on, remember to turn the baby monitor off.

(I'd tell the story, but it's actually pretty boring, you can probably guess what happened.)
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Originally posted by pcubed
A bit of advice: If you're going to get it on, remember to turn the baby monitor off
Homer: "Baby to Marge! Baby to Marge! WAAAH! WAAAH!"

Have you seen American Pie 2, yet? There is of, course, the "cuaght in the act" you see in the preview, but also a little bit of "listening in" as well.

I was actually caught in the act my very first time, but since it was a small intimate party and the girl and I were pretty friendly with the other guests, it was more of a "excuse us while we finish" vs. "we hafta leave" kinda thing.
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I got caught in the hot tub with a gf when I was in high school. Dad made me drain it and clean it the next day.

FF eight years. My ex-wife and I were seperated (the first time), she was about seven months pregnant, I was working nights and had my own place while she was staying with her parents. Nearly every day that summer, she was coming to my place for a nooner (the best sex of our marriage was the six months we were seperated and she was pregnant, go figure). One day, in her haste to use and abuse me, she neglected to lock or even fully close the back door to my apartment, which opened right into the bedroom, btw. Dad came over to drop off his truck so I could move ex's stuff into our new apartment (reconcilliation had been reached). He reaced up to knock and the door just swung open, giving him a full view of the former Mrs. Sewalk riding me like the bull at Gilley's. The look on Dad's face was absolutely priceless. He quietly backed out and closed the door, leaving the ex oblivious to his presence. That evening, he sheepishly asked me if it was really OK for us to be having sex while she was seven months pregnant (he's pretty old-school). Hell, if it was her idea, I wasn't about to start raising objections. Turns out I was right. She had the kid and we had only one half-hearted (on her part) attempt at sex again before she finally moved out again, a little over a year later (yeah, sex once a year while married, talk about hell).

What? Me bitter?
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Not caught, but pretty good at catching others.

I've walked in on more people masturbating than I care to admit.

Two of them were my cousins... ew ew ew.
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Re: Not caught, but pretty good at catching others.

Originally posted by Simetra
I've walked in on more people masturbating than I care to admit.
Well hell, whatever floats your boat...

Ive got multiple stories, but one should do for now. As Im sure most will attest to, in your younger days before getting your own place, sex in any venue other than a car or outdoors is a rare treat. And not without its dangers. On this particular occasion, a friend had the good fortune of wishing his parents bon voyage for an extended vacation. During one of the parties he inevitably put on, my then GF and I retreated to an upstairs TV room where she obliged to show me her lingual dexterity while I sat in an overstuffed leather chair. After the first interruption, she asked me to hurry up, but I was having too much fun. After the second interruption, I swear I really tried to hasten things along, but nerves prevented me. I had to bribe the third trespasser to stand guard, at which time my GF informed me that I owed her big time, and we would be settling the debt the old fashioned way in the backseat of her car.
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goodness, uncle bill, many, many, many, jokes came to mind re: your closet story. and then i remembered you're a marine.......
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I was 18 or so.Over at the GF's house. Her whole family pretty much didn't like me. It was the night before her brothers wedding.And her mom worked nights so we thought we were safe.We are right in the middle of hot monkey love and the door opens.Her mom looks for a minute and closes the door.Her mom stopped home on her lunch break to finish sewing a dress for the wedding.She went out and had a few quiet words with mom.And i snuck out later.The worst part was her mom giving me the ride to the wedding the next day.Talk about the evil eye.
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I'm not really sure this qualifies, but what the hell.

In college, I lived with two female roommates in a very large duplex. (We all had our own bedrooms.) I was dating another woman from school, and brought her home with some regularity.

One of my roommates had a very-late-night job working in an armored car. She'd get up at, like, 2am, shower etc., and leave to start a 3am-ish shift.

I brought my then-girlfriend back late one night. We had the front rooms pretty much to ourselves (my two roommates were asleep), and eventually we got to fooling around for a while in the living room. After maybe an hour or so, we were totally hot and heavy, and adjourned quickly to my bedroom, shedding clothes and stopping every few feet to fool around some more.

Eventually we got to my room, threw each other on the bed, and commenced with the nasty. I've always had excellent "stamina," so I have no idea how long it was, but clearly time was not a concern.

Until my roommate asked me a question... at the open door.

I'm on top of my girlfriend, missionary-style, no sheets, fully exposed, her legs around me, engaged in coitus -- and we freeze. We realize, belatedly, that we didn't shut the door. However, the light is on in the hallway, and it's dark in the bedroom, so my roommate, standing outside, can't really see anything. And by the tone of her voice, she's totally oblivious to what we're doing.

We have a brief conversation -- I'm still inside my girlfriend, she's grinning up at me, and my heart is pounding, full of fear that the roommate will actually poke her head in the door or something -- but finally she goes away. I'm a little embarrassed, but my girlfriend pulls my head back down and makes it clear we're simply taking ourselves off "pause."

Funny thing is, after I broke up with that gf, I went out with that same roommate for a little while. That didn't work out, but we're still friends, and to this day I don't think she has a clue what she almost walked in on. Even the clothes littering the living room and hallway didn't give it away...
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I had a gf in high school with a very permissive mother. She really didn't care what we did in her daughter's room.

We're going at it hot and heavy one afternoon when her mother opens the door to ask a question. I stop mid-coitus with a deer in the headlights look. Her mother laughs, says
"I guess I ruined someones hard-on", and closes the door. We finished up and went out to eat dinner.
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Amazing timing on this thread

Walked in on the boss and her boyfriend today. The office door swings outward. Closed but not locked. I was handling the phones and the counter allright till the bosses mom called. Walked back to the office to tell her to pick up line two. Swing open the door, lean in and say "Mom on line.. sorry. Went back up front, told her mom that she was out of the building. Short time later boss and bf come up front. I apologized and the bf says "That will just teach me to lock the door" Took a while for my boss to look me in the eye. She asked me how much I saw, and when I reply " Not enough" she smiled. It is a cool job.

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Allright, I have two "sort of, but not exactly caught" stories.

#1 - This took place in my bedroom, with a now ex-boyfriend, when I was 17. My sister was in the next room. I have to set the stage a bit, of course. My bedroom door does have a lock, but the lock is at the top of the door. Why? It used to be my parents' bedroom. My sister and I took it over when my parents built another bedroom. We were small children, so my parents moved the lock to avoid having us accidentally lock ourselves in.

So the bf and I were in my room making out. We decided that we wanted to f--k, so he shut and locked the door. Mid-coitus, my phone (I have my own line) started ringing! He panted, "Don't answer it, let it ring...". I was inclined to, but for a problem.

There was an extension in the room where my sister was. If I didn't answer the phone right next to me, she would answer the other one. She would then stomp up to my door yelling why didn't I answer, then asking about the locked door. That would have been tricky.

I answered it. It was my ex-boyfriend. I rushed him the hell off the phone!! Later, I called back. He inquired about my tone during the last call. I told him, "Well, I was having sex!". Just for the shock value, I guess.

#2 - I was 20 and in my dorm room with a "guest". We were in flagrante delicto when we knocked something over and caused a big crash.A minute later, there was a knock at the door.

"Yes???" I yelled, a bit cautiously.

"It's Suzi! Is everything okay in there? I heard a big crash!". Suzi was my next door neighbor. My guest was convulsed in a fit of silent laughter.

"Uh, yeah...I actually have a...guest right now!" I yelled back, a little embarrassed.

"Ohhhhhh SHIT!!! I'm sorry! I'll letcha get back to...what you were doing...Bye!"

"No problem Sue!"

We got back to business. I saw Suzi the next day. She apologized profusely for the intrusion. She had no idea I was "entertaining". I said that I was glad to have a neighbor who cared enough to inquire if she heard a noise that might indicate a bad situation. Everything was cool after that.
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I have been friends with this guy for about a month (through another friend, but I knew who he was way before, anyway) he has wanted to get in my pants for a while. The other night we were looking for a place we could do it and we parked but we were just sitting there for a minute and a cop pulled up and told us to leave. So, last night I was driving him home and he wanted to so we found a spot. We started making out blah blah blah. Well we were in the backseat and I had no pants/underwear on and he was in his boxers. He says "here comes a car...it's a cop" We are in the backseat and my pants are in the front so I fly over the seat and threw my pants on. Luckily we both had pants on when the cop got to the car and the back window was fogged up. I can't tell anyone I know about this so you people are the only ones who know. Arent you special
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Okay...I've been caught a few times but this is the most interesting one.

My then-girlfriend and I were both in law school. We were up late at the law school, studying for an exam in the courtroom. We had spread out all our books on the floor in front of the judge's bench. We started to kiss and pretty soon her shirt was off, I was attached to her chest with a hand down her pants. The next thing I heard was the door opening and we looked up at our T.A. from our writing class, staring down at us. She hardly flinched and said, "How long will you guys be??" (I'm shocked she hardly flinched - how often do people walk in on two women going at it?) My then-gf said, "Two hours." Sure enough..we just went behind the judge's bench and finished.

Ohhhh, one more that's just funny...I was dating a woman who is 24 years older than myself. I was 27, she was 52 at the time. I had picked her up from the airport and we walked out to the car and climbed in - I leaned over and we started to kiss. That's when she froze and said, "Shit!" Staring in the car was a woman with her 2 children. Whoops.

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This happened to a friend of mine, and it is too good of a story not to share.

My friend D. had recently come out of the closet and was going through a slutty period. At the time, he was living with his grandmother in her house. One night, he hooked up with this frat boy from the nearby college and they went back to D.'s place. They went into his room, and had a couple of beer's before getting down to business. Now the way D tells the story, they had just settled into a rhythm, with D on his back with his legs in the air, when Grandma burst into the room without knocking. Everyone froze for a minute, until Grandma, who has a very scratchy scary voice (from 40 years of smoking) yells out "What are you boys doing, having rectal intercourse!?" At that point frat boy hurriedly throws his pants on, grabs his shirt and runs out of the house with Grandma chasing him and calling him a weasel and a bastard. He ran out so quickly he left his hat and underwear behind, and didn't have his shirt on. This happened in the winter up north, so it had to have been cold. Grandma comes back in, glares at D and then slams his door shut. D. said that he just thought fuck it and went to sleep(He was pretty buzzed at the time.) He woke up in the morning, remembered what had happened, and said he almost died of embarrassment right then. Grandma never mentioned it though, and never came into his room without knocking again.

Names have been changed to protect the innocent. If you know D. though, you have already heard the story.

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The next thing I heard was the door opening and we looked up at our T.A. from our writing class, staring down at us. She hardly flinched and said, "How long will you guys be??" (I'm shocked she hardly flinched - how often do people walk in on two women going at it?)
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Well, this sounds like it belongs in the "Dear Penthouse Forum" thread, but here goes...

There's a place in Talequah, OK called Goat's Bluff--just across the river from the infamous Elohim compound that Timothy McVeigh stayed at. Anyhow, the shape of this bluff is somewhat like a capital E; you drive up to the top level, and as you walk your way down the trail, there's an outcropping that goes on for a ways, and another kind of indentation before you get to the Illinois River. Great spot for parties, and popular with rappellers.

Anyhow, it's, I dunno, midnight or so? Girlfriend and I go off from the bonfire on the top of the E to the middle line area. Well, one thing leads to another, and pretty soon she's leaning on the wall, etc.

Well, my lily-white ass, untouched by sun, is pumping away, and she says, "Shit!" I look up and see a nice circle of light on the wall, and immediately grab the pants around my ankles and turn around. Fortunately, the guy doing the nighttime Ozzie rappel down the cliff was nice enough to pretend he hadn't seen anything.

And to hell with the OP--can anyone top getting spotted by someone hanging from a rope upside-down at midnight in rural Oklahoma?

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Originally posted by stofsky
There's a place in Talequah, OK called Goat's Bluff
I've been rappelling at Goat's Bluff quite a few times, alas, I never saw anything quite so interesting on the way down. I guess I'll have to go back to Talequah instead of going out to Red Rock Canyon from now on, eh?

BTW, what were you doing in Talequah? NEO?
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The Better Half and I honeymooned at a family reunion (mine) out at the ancestral farm, camping out because the house was full, sleeping in the back of a 1969 Chevy Suburban parked next to the ancestral barn (ancestral outhouse in back, the real McCoy).

That night, in the pitch-black country darkness (no darkness quite like rural darkness), at a certain point in the proceedings (ahem) in the back of the Suburban, there was a shy tapping on one of the windows. Propping himself up on an elbow, the Better Half called, "Yes?"

My grandmother called, "Are you in there?"
We said, "Um, yes..."
She said, "I just wanted to let you know that the privy is out behind the barn, thataway."
We said, "Um, okaYYY y..."
"Good night," she said cheerfully.
We said, "Um, good night..."

yeah, yeah, I know--pretty tame stuff, no humping and pumping, but there WAS a lily-white ass in evidence, although it was too dark to see it
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You know, we must be losing our edge. A thread like this would normally have made it to at least 75 posts before plummetting to page 2. Even the page views aren't that high. Are we getting old?

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First the background to my story:
Mrs. Dragwyr and I are on our honeymoon. We are staying at the Horton Grand Hotel in San Diego and it is July 2. Our room has a gas-log fire place. She decided she wanted to... ah... be romantic on the floor in front of the fire place while it was on. Well, being San Diego in July, it is quite warm outside, even at 10:00 PM, so we open the window to offset the heat from the fireplace. As we were doing what newlyweds normally do, we hear fireworks going off in the distance and both of us start cracking up (You know the stereotypical view of sex being like fireworks and all that).

Fast foward to the next year:
Mrs. Dragwyr and I are on a camping trip with my best friend, B and his girlfriend. As we are setting up our tents, we tell them of our experience in San Diego and they have a good laugh at it. That night, Mrs. Dragwyr and I are doing what married couples usually do in our tent, when we hear a huge firecracker (more like an M-80) go off. It is all we can do to keep from laughing out loud so that B and his GF won't hear us. Suddenly we hear B say from his tent, "All right, what are you two doing over there?" At that point, Mrs. Dragwyr and I couldn't hold it back any more and started loudly laughing it up. We knew we were caught, but it was so incredibly funny that we didn't care.
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Lotsa TMI in here, I guess I'll add my own...

I've been cought too many times. Not enough fear, or too much lust, perhaps?

Story One:
GF and I are seniors in HS. I'm at my GF's house, it's late, we're tipsy, her folks are out on a late night diner-n-dance date. Pretty soon, GF and I are 'engaged' on the living room floor. We finish up, she goes to bed, I go home. Later that morning (about 8-ish), I go back to GF's house for breakfast. While we're eating, GF's mom comes in the kitchen, makes a cup of coffee, and on the way out the door kills us with this line: "You guys really oughta take it upstairs. I almost stepped on you last night." Then she walked out. We finished our breakfast in horrified silence. We never heard another word on the subject, but then we never got 'busy' at her house again, either.

Story Two:
Just after HS, different GF, we're in the woods at a local park, behind some tall bushes just off one of the trails. We've been at it the better part of the afternoon (Young lust! No skills, but all the stamina you'll ever want!), snickering at the people walking by on the path just a couple of yards away. If only they knew what was going on so near-by! Well, the bit that belongs in here came when in mid-afternoon, as my GF is riding me like cowgirl on speed, a small group of faces appears above the bushes. That's right, a group of horse-riders was using the trail, and the added height gave them a grand view of the proceedings. I froze, couldn't even speak. GF didn't even notice until they were riding away.

Last story (that I'm not too embarassed to tell):
Same GF as in Story Two, about three months later. We're parked in a cul-de-sack at the back of a housing project under construction, my GF giving me enthusiastic head, when I look up to see the fatal sight of a Sheriff's cruiser pop over the rise, lights flashing. Again, GF doesn't notice at first, and I'm not thinking clearly enough to get her attention right away. Then, it gets worse. The deputy that gets out of the cruiser is a friend of mine, and brother to my boss. By this point I've got GF's attention, and she's sitting up, but it's way too late. Deputy-buddy has seen everything. Turns out that the development had some people living in it already, and they called the sheriff on the "drug-smoking, booze-swilling punks" that like to hangout where we parked. (actually, those activities were secondary. The spot had been a favorite make-out spot for some time) I still haven't lived that one down.
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I've been caught a few times but, like Tranquilis I have too much lust and not enough fear.

I had a party at my house one night after the bars closed and everyone's sitting around drinking and having a good time and my then boyfriend is giving me the eye. He headed for the bathroom and I waited a few minutes and then followed. (We opted for the bathroom because I had a studio and it was the only room with a door!) We started doing our thing and apparently everyone in the apartment could hear us. We heard a few giggles and people asking, "What the f**k are they doing in there?" but that was it. We were only gone 15-20 minutes and when we came back to the party everyone started clapping and gave us a standing ovation. My friends still give me shit about that for some reason.

My ex-boyfriend and I were caught having sex in the back of his aunt and uncle's van. It was his uncle who caught us actually. We were on vacation with his family and we slept in the back of the van under a street light by our cabin. It was late at night and we thought everyone was asleep in the cabin. I'm riding my boyfriend and I look out the window and see his uncle on the balcony of the cabin smoking a cigarette!! The way the light was shining you could see through the window too. I'm sure his uncle caught an eyeful!

My boyfriend (a different one than above) and I got caught in his car once. We parked at one of the town's favorite make-out spots and the cops saw us. We were told to leave and that's it... didn't get to finish or anything. The same boyfriend and I were also caught in his bedroom by his little sister. She walked in while we were going at it, laughed and walked back out. She had walked in on us so many times you think she would've learned to knock whenever I was at the house.
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You know, it's really sick when something embarassing happens, and your first reaction is "Ooh!! There was a thread about this the other day! Now I can reply!" Seriously obsessed....

Last night I was in my round 2 of going at it (2 guys, 1 night...I'm such a player...)on my living room couch with Scott. My mom knew he was here, but as far as she knows, we're just friends. At least that way she doesn't object to him spending the night...

He's on the couch, i was on top of him, we were both naked. We get our rhythym going, the couch is creaking, the coffee table's shaking...in our lust, we didn't realize exactly how loud we were being. Plus the TV was still on. My little sister got up to go to the bathroom, heard the noise, and peeked in. Man, did she get an eyeful...she's 17, so at least she's not gonna be TOO distrurbed by it...nothing you don't see walking the back way at schoool....but still. Pretty embarassing.
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Too many stories... the best one, though, is when I was caught just after the act

Then-BF and I were staying at an interstate friend's house for a few nights. After a rather long and steamy lovemaking session one morning (which included me giving him head) we got up and I greeted the friend with a big, flirty, good-morning kiss on the lips.

I couldn't work out why it took the friend so long to look me in the eyes without blushing. It took him another couple of years to tell me that he could taste on my breath exactly what the BF and I had been up to...

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Originally posted by sewalk
Originally posted by stofsky
There's a place in Talequah, OK called Goat's Bluff
I've been rappelling at Goat's Bluff quite a few times, alas, I never saw anything quite so interesting on the way down. I guess I'll have to go back to Talequah instead of going out to Red Rock Canyon from now on, eh?

BTW, what were you doing in Talequah? NEO?
Spent the drunkest two years of my life there. Lived in a duplex about 1/8 mile from one of the river landings (off 10? I think that was it--hell, it's been more than 15 years). Been to Red Rock too--the rappelling's better.
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Fourteen years ago.

It was the summer my sister got married so both families went on vacation together. I had a major crush on my brother-in-law to be's younger brother. We had been getting increasingly flirty.

One night, after everyone else had gone to bed, things got steamy. We went from watching tv on the couch, to making out, to him going down on me as I tried to be quiet.

Then my grandmother comes out of her bedroom to get a drink of water. She walks across the living room as we both freeze. When she gets in the bathroom, he hopped back up on the couch and I threw a blanket over my legs. Thank god she was too tired to notice anything.

And as soon as she went back into her room, we picked right back up from where we stopped.
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25 years ago I had a girlfriend that I really liked but we had divergent schedules. I was a staffer on the Udall for President campaign (2nd in 7 straight primaries!) and I'd try to come home from the state I was in on weekends and possibly days after primaries (because I'd be traveling anyways). However, her job as a manager at a store often led to working weekends. We loved eachother desperately, and we wanted to hook up big time. Once I was home for the weekend and she was working at the store (did I mention it was a clothes store?) and it was the middle of a very busy shopping day. We hadn't had sex in about a month, so we decided to do it in one of the dressing room stalls. We went into the womens one, because it was bigger, and tried to be as silent as possible. Of course, we failed at this venture, and her boss started banging on the door while we scrambled to put our clothes on. Too late. He broke it open with both of us half-dressed and she was promptly dismissed. At least I didn't have a girlfriend forcing me to come home on weekends anymore. I also lost all desire to join the mile high club after this.
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How'd I miss this thread?

1. I had traveled 1800 miles to visit my then-girlfriend. We excused ourselves to watch a movie in her bedroom, and ended up getting distracted. Eventually we were under the covers, writhing and making out, with me on top of her and my hand down her pants... when her mom walked in and said "You guys better cool it down." Luckily we didn't hear another word about it.

2. I was at a party hosted by an ex-girlfriend. After consuming alcohol and party herbs all night, we snuck up to her bedroom but neglected to lock the door. While she was going down on me, the rest of the partygoers (unaware that we were in there) decided to walk through her room to get to the roof. No one said a thing, but they all saw what was going on.

3. Just the other day, I was with a girl in my parked car on a remote mountain road. We chose that spot because no one ever went up there, or so we thought... first a hiker walked past, but he didn't see anything. Then an older man drove up and pulled over next to my car. He looked into my car, saw her head in my lap, and gave me a smile and a thumbs-up.

Embarrassed and confused, I nodded, gave him a thumbs-up in return, and waved goodbye. But he didn't leave, he just pulled back in front of my car, facing us. By this time my companion was sitting up and we were both staring at the guy, but he just kept smiling and wouldn't move. I finally started my engine and he drove off.
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Originally posted by Rachelle
I had a party at my house one night after the bars closed and everyone's sitting around drinking and having a good time and my then boyfriend is giving me the eye. He headed for the bathroom and I waited a few minutes and then followed. (We opted for the bathroom because I had a studio and it was the only room with a door!) We started doing our thing and apparently everyone in the apartment could hear us. We heard a few giggles and people asking, "What the f**k are they doing in there?" but that was it. We were only gone 15-20 minutes and when we came back to the party everyone started clapping and gave us a standing ovation. My friends still give me shit about that for some reason.
Don't they always?

I can't figure it out. In college, I went on a camping trip with the club I was in, and I brought my girlfriend along (she wasn't a member).

We had sex, in private, in our own tent, and still everybody gave us shit about it the following morning.

I figured at the time that it must be a feminist thing. The most vociferous amongst the complainers were two women who apparently weren't getting enough; everybody else was pretty much doing the "gentle ribbing" thing.

Was I too quick to write that off? Is there a deeper reason? Maybe this calls for a new thread in IMHO...
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