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What are Geedis and The Land of Ta?

What is The Land of Ta and what is Geedis?
While surfing his way through pins with slogans such as “I’m So Horny, Even the Crack of Dawn Looks Good,” and “Works Sucks, But I Need the Bucks,” Fernald says he found the strangest one of all: a pin in the likeness of a hunched brown monster with crazed green eyes, labeled simply, “Geedis.” The smiling creature had the uncanny design of some half-forgotten character from childhood, like something you could swear you remember, but can’t give any details about. It wasn’t instantly recognizable, or easy to place. It was just, Geedis.
Fernald turned the question over to social media, with his tweet of the Geedis pin on June 21. “Most of my friends went insane trying to figure out what it was,” he says. Nothing much came of it until he sent out a second picture of his growing Geedis collection on August 1. Finally, someone on Twitter pointed him to a picture of a sheet of stickers featuring a detailed illustration of Geedis, as well as additional characters, labeled “The Land of Ta.”

The sticker sheet, which was originally posted on the Flickr page of a pop culture collector (who Fernald says also knew nothing of its backstory), features an assortment of characters. In addition to Geedis, there is Harry, a bald, red-skinned troll holding an eagle-headed snake; Tokar, a golden robot that looks like a murderous version of C-3PO, and Iggy, some sort of dopey goblin soldier… thing.
There are pictures of the pins at the above link. The sticker sheet is shown here:

The sticker sheet is labeled "Dennison 1981" so presumably this was some cartoon, comic book, or movie from the late 70s or early 80s. No one can find any trace of any of this other than the pins and sticker sheets. There was a song Land of Ta released in 2007 by Smith & Dragoman, but it doesn't appear to be related.

Land of Ta:

Do any of you know anything about this?

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