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Boston Terrier question

I stumbled across a photo of Hellen Keller with a dog. The accompanying text read something like, "Hellen Keller with her dog which would nowadays be called a Boston Terrier..." .

Checking wiki for Boston Terriers, I didn't see them referred to as another name previously. Were they called something different in earlier times? If so what?
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Wiki shows other names as (on the right sidebar)

Boston Bull
Boston Bull Terrier
American Gentleman

I used to have one. Great little dog.

My Dad's uncle had one and Dad said it was first known to him as a Boston Bull. Dad's Uncle would have been born prior to 1900.

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They were a fairly new breed at the time, being basically a cross between pit Bulls and French bulldogs.

Chloe is our second Boston. Dumbest dogs we have ever owned (I had previously owned dachshunds and my Wife and doberman) but they are sweet and funny.
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Boston terriers are, as a rule, absurdly friendly. They want to be EVERYBODY’S best buddy.
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I have wanted one for awhile. I love the American breeds, as a rule. I had a neighbor years ago who had one. Cute, smart and snuffly.
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Since the question has been answered I don't mind mentioning my boy Bowery, who is a Frenchton, or French Bulldog/Boston Terrier. He is amazing and awesome and the best little guy ever. And yes, he will lick you to death because HE WANTS TO BE YOUR FRIEND.
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