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Does anyone have an opinion on Bob Marshall Saddles?

Hi Im Geri and I live in Colorado, Grand Junction. I am considering buying a new Bob Marshall Saddle because my friend swears by them. She says it will help my horse be more comfortable and then of coarse I will ride better.

Not sure I need to, but if they help my horse feel better and ride easier then Im in, but I dont want to waste money I dont have either.

Any advise will be great... BTW these are the saddles Im looking at now

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My experience is that proper saddle fitting (bar width & gullet measurement) is more important than the price or brand name of the saddle maker.

Of course, some of the very cheap saddles can't fitted to every horse, and the more expensive custom makers offer more options to fit your horse. But starting with proper measurements of your horse, and getting a saddle compatible with those measurements will go a long way to making a better ride
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shouldn't this be in "in my humble OPINION"?

the thread title says "does anyone have an opinion. . ..?
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Graphite is a great
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Opinions are best sought in IMHO rather than General Questions. Moving to IMHO.

samclem, moderator.
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