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Finished Westworld (show) and my only gripe is [SPOILER]...




...the idea that Jimmi Simpson would grow up to look like Ed Harris is ridiculous. Ridiculous. Ridiculous. Ridiculous.

I sincerely hope that in the next season it is explicitly stated that his character paid a shitload of money for extensive plastic surgery to change his appearance.
A hazy shade of winter.

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Specially since Ed Harris has been doing movies since forever, and he looked very distinctly Ed Harris-ian when he was young.
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No shit! It's like, there are generic faces, and then there's Ed Harris.

If you're gonna have a young character who is destined by the plot to look like Ed Harris when he gets older, then for fuck's sake make that character look at least a little like he might grow up to look like Ed fucking Harris. You don't need to telegraph it TOO much. You don't need to find a young-Ed-Harris lookalike. I'm supposed to believe that there were NO available actors who had blonde hair, a high forehead, blue eyes, and a chiseled jaw? Because that's all it would take to make the aging timeline plausible. Instead it's like they found the dude who looks the LEAST like Ed Harris that they could find. And why? It's not like that guy is an amazing actor who totally owns the role of William in a way that nobody else could possibly pull off. No! What in the hell were they thinking?
A hazy shade of winter.
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You make a good point. Especially since they were so careful to digitally de-age Anthony Hopkins.

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