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Non-Desk Laptop Setup: Laptop Chair / Reading Pillow / etc

I work for long hours with my laptop and I get tired from sitting at the desk. They had beanbag chairs at a university I went to which looked very comfortable, but if you work with a laptop on it for an hour or longer it becomes uncomfortable.

I am looking to work on my laptop while my back is at a small angle to the floor (less than 90, closer to 45 degrees). If possible I would like to try out the setup at a real store before buying.

The main issues are usually either the neck, back, or if you are lying on the side with your arm supporting on the bed, then the arm gets numb. I am looking for something really comfortable over time.

Any recommendations?
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I know someone with back trouble who does a lot of writing on a laptop while sitting in a rocker-recliner (la-z-boy). She uses a laptop cart something like this, which extends over the chair from the side.
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Originally Posted by GreenWyvern View Post
I know someone with back trouble who does a lot of writing on a laptop while sitting in a rocker-recliner (la-z-boy). She uses a laptop cart something like this, which extends over the chair from the side.
Probably depends on the Lazy-Boy model, but the support structure on those desk units would not fit under my chair. Maybe on the non rocker models?

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