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Again, it wasn't "a joke" but he was (originally) "joking", by which I mean he was not being serious and talking out his ass, exactly like you just said.
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I don't think that's the way most people use the term "joking", but it's probably not worth arguing about. It's not the same thing as what the OP is about anyway, because no one in this thread heard the person say it. I don't think we even know who the person was, do we? It was said in private, and then leaked to the press. How anyone can be certain about the intent of the speaker is beyond me.
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Jokes and Joking are social phenomena. Humor is about the relationship between people. You can't make it anything else.

It's a joke if you like someone: it's not funny if you don't.

It's ridiculous to suggest that something is "funny" or "not funny" based on it's objective content.

Not just ridiculous: amazingly ignorant and offensively self-important. As if "my" take on if something is funny says anything about anything.
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Originally Posted by XT View Post
Trump for sure. I wouldn't think Obama would badmouth anyone, really, certainly not McCain. They might have disagreed, but Obama was too classy to say something as monumentally stupid as this 'joke'.

I wasn't really talking about Obama, though.
It's not entirely devoid of irony for those who literally did badmouth McCain, the number of which isn't really that high anyway and who stopped at perhaps calling him a fake maverick for bringing in Palin.

It would be a similar level of irony if I called someone "sort of a jerk" and then got offended if someone else called him a "fucking asshole", i.e. a tiny bit ironic, but not much.

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