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Originally Posted by DrDeth View Post
Ok, you sign your name to a petition to stop Nazis.

Afterwards, the guy changes it to a petition to support nazis.

I mean, since you are no longer actively participating in that petition, why does it matter?
Is the petition going to have real live, real world consequences? If so, the fact that the text at the top of the page says oppose and not support means that you can prove that the person making the change is lying. If the petition has no real consequences, but you are still harmed, in some way, by its distribution and your association with it, you are free to sue.
There is nothing magic about The BBQ Pit that can change the meaning of your words and I have not yet seen a real life consequence for the presence of a post in The Pit, so your analogy has no point.

Perhaps, if your request was that we post move announcements on boldface, it might have a point. Otherwise, not so much.
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As long as we're going to do bold then, I think Mod Note would look good in blue, comic sans.
That'll be my vote in the inevitable poll.
Remember, pillage before burning.
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Originally Posted by Morgenstern View Post
... That'll be my vote in the inevitable poll.
You really don't like polls following up on discussions. We get it.

Seriously dude, just like some can just resist following a thread to the Pit (even if some may be saying something nasty about them there, triggered by a post from before it was in the Pit), you can just not click on poll threads following up on discussions. Not sure why the fact they exist offends you.

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