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Recursive fix-it issues.

1. I finally got a vice
2. I need to mount the vice.
3. I got a steel sheet to help keep the vice properly mounted to the workbench.
4. I need to cut the steel sheet.
5. I need a vice to hold the sheet still while I cut it.
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Call the vice squad.
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Use clamps to hold the sheet.

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Do you have some decent sized clamps around? They could be used to secure the metal to the workbench and then do the cutting just off the edge of the bench. Just an idea...
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Or go over to a buddy's house and use his vise for this one job.
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All good ad-vice.
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If you give a vice a cookie
It will want a steel sheet to be mounted on
When you get the sheet, it will insist it be cut to the right size
"Sherlock Holmes once said that once you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the answer. I, however, do not like to eliminate the impossible. The impossible often has a kind of integrity to it that the merely improbable lacks."
-- Douglas Adams's Dirk Gently, Holistic Detective
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You need a welder. Throw some sparks at the whole mess and call it a day.

When you're a hammer, everything looks like a nail. When you're a welder everything looks like what ever you want it to look like.
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Metal porn!
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There's a hole in the bucket...
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Emergency Can Opener (comes in a can)
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I used to keep just one (analog) multimeter around. Powered by a nine volt battery. Which eventually starts to fade. To check a battery of course I use my multimeter. Unless it's the battery that powers the multimeter and you have no spares.

Now I have several meters. (And lots of spare batteries.)

I've seen special knives sold to safely and easily open plastic clamshell packaging. That come in plastic clamshell packaging.
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Originally Posted by gotpasswords View Post
There's a hole in the bucket...
You beat me to it.

For those who've not had the pleasure, here's a Carnegie Hall performance of the ditty being referenced. (Beware, there's a 15-second ad before the video.)
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Flanders and Swann version: There's a hole in the budget... https://youtube.com/watch?v=3ecEMxrdULQ
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This is like when I owned a Harley. The first two hours of the 15 minute job was making the stupid special tool.

God, that bike was awful. But God, did I make a ton of money off it!
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Originally Posted by Gatopescado View Post
This is like when I owned a Harley. The first two hours of the 15 minute job was making the stupid special tool...
I'm reminded of this graphic showing Jaguar special tools.
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Couldn't you have bought two vises?
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Originally Posted by wolfman View Post
1. I finally got a vice...
Me too. I chose gambling.

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Originally Posted by Napier View Post
Couldn't you have bought two vises?
But vise vise versa is just the right way around.

And Vise, Vise, Baby is just a ripoff of a Bowie/Queen riff.

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