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Originally Posted by Capn Carl View Post
This thread has a similar character to other threads on a variety of forums, regarding new technologies. Ten or fifteen years ago, it was about the durability and efficiency of hybrid vehicles. Now its auto stop/start.
I know enough about automotive technologies and AS/S, and others have covered that side of it here. What interests me is the emotions that drive the resistance to these innovations. Why the dislike for AS/S ?
The dislike is that many of the posters here have dealt with unreliable cars their whole lives. Many American cars have had marginal reliability for decades, and European cars have become garbage for reliability in recent years. Even Honda started cost reducing around 2008 and their reliability went downhill.

Basically only Toyota - and not all models and years - has made consistently reliable cars for decades. Except for those Tanaka airbags and unintended acceleration.

So it feels like starting and stopping an engine is just one more reason to pay a mechanic to fix your ride.

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