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Lucifer season 3 question

Most of the season was an arc involving Cain. That arc was completed. The last two episodes of the season were stand alone and a bit bizarre. One introduced the angel of death and the other was an alternate reality story. It felt like they were tacked on to the end of the season.

Obviously Fox cancelled the series but the decision involving the episode placement had to have been made long before the decision to cancel. Was there any explaination why the season ended with those episodes instead of the end of the story arc?
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I think they did this with season two as well... Those episodes are considered "extras", and aren't meant to really connect with the overall plot.
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Yes. They were made earlier when the actress playing Maze was pregnant (I think) and they didn't use them. They decided to throw them in after the finale.

The show has moved to Netflix.
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I can't wait for it to come back.
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It was picked up by Netflix. 10 new episodes to binge-watch are expected in 2019.
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