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Dan Savage's ITMFA

I am a subscriber to Dan Savage's Savage Love podcast. I've read his column for a couple decades now (jeez) and then started listening to his podcast years ago and decided to subscribe to get the "Magnum" edition and to give back a little for all the years of entertainment. Savage has a common phrase DTMFA, which is Dump The Mother Fucker Already. When someone writes or calls in asking about his/her partner who constantly cheats, or is abusive in one way or another, or continuously breaks the other's trust then the advice-seeker should DTMFA.

Savage has since started the ITMFA campaign -- Impeach The Mother Fucker Already. There's a site and if you go to it you can buy shirts and other items available and proceeds go to ACLU, Planned Parenthood, and International Refugee Assistance Program. I never bought any of the stuff there but yesterday I got a package in the mail that had a bunch of ITMFA buttons in it. At first I wondered why I was getting these and even suspected someone may have gotten a hold of my credit info but the bill in the envelope showed no charge for the items being sent to me. Nice, a little free gift to me for being a subscriber.
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I've been wearing my ITMFA button for months now. To date, I've had one person recognize what it meant (rural life is like that). They gave me a high-five.
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To clarify, turns out my sister sent them to me. They weren't free but I still like 'em.
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When I ordered mine I also had packages sent to several friends who live and work "in the city".

I've seen them wearing the button and feigned ignorance to hear their story.


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