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Meanwhile, from Vox, Pruitt's resignation letter is kind of hilarious.

That is why it is hard for me to advise you I am stepping down as Administrator of the EPA effective as of July 6. It is extremely difficult for me to cease serving you in this role first because I count it a blessing to be serving you in any capacity, but also, because of the transformative work that is occurring. However, the unrelenting attacks on me personally, my family, are unprecedented and have taken a sizable toll on all of us.
First thought: the resistance is working, keep it up! If this is what it takes to keep incredibly shitty people out of government, then by all means, barge in on them in restaurants, turn them down on dates, make it clear that when shitty people play shitty games, they win shitty prizes.
Second thought: I love how this letter completely ignores why people were pissed at him. Things like ignoring the scientific consensus on one of the most important environmental issues, and tons of high-profile corrupton scandals.

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Originally Posted by Ravenman View Post
I guess the swamp is being drained. One cup at a time, after several million gallons came whooshing in last winter.
It just took them a while to discover Pruitt lodged in the drainpipe like Augustus Gloop.
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Originally Posted by Ravenman View Post
I guess the swamp is being drained. One cup at a time, after several million gallons came whooshing in last winter.
As a former resident of SW Louisiana, let me say that swamps are good things, full of wildlife, and should not be drained.
What we have now is not a swamp but a cesspool, and Pruitt is just the latest turd removed.
And Trumpists seem to love the smell.
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"Oh, this is just perfect: the lickspittle fawning toward power, the invocation of religion to justify plutocracy, the bulletproof sense of victimization ... today's pathetic conservative movement, all wrapped up with a bow."
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He might have blown his chances at replacing Inhofe, too. Maybe he figures he can cut out now and hope that people have short memories.
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A propos the subthread here about how we all read only the news sources that confirm our beliefs, I want to say that I get most of my news from the NY Times and they seem to be quite aware of the problem and have three regular conservative columnists: David Brooks, Ross Douthat, and Brett Stephens. The trouble is that all three have morphed into virulent anti-Trumpers. That's because all three have a modicum of respect for facts. But what can you do? To be pro-Trump, you have to embrace an alternate reality.

So Pruitt is gone. So what? His deputy who, will take over as acting EPA administrator, is just as opposed to the environment as he was while perhaps not being so corrupt. And it is that, not his petty veniality, that I objected to about him. Trump should have been happy to have an ass like Pruitt to attract all the criticism and deflect attention from the real damage that is going on.

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