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First off, I'm sorry for two things: 1) the title of this thread, I really had no idea what else to call them. 2) If it's in the wrong forum (I will try to make it a GQ though).

Anyway, you see them every day on thousands (millions, perhaps) of our aged citizens. And you've probably even remarked about them before. But why does it seem like any elderly person wearing sunglasses is wearing those big, wrap-around I-just-got-my-eyes-dilated-at-the-optometrist type of sunglasses?

I can't imagine it's for any other than one of two reasons.

1) Medical reasons? Maybe something to do with quantity of light and optical sensitivity, etc.? Eye problems associated with age?

2) It's just the fashion that they all follow, much like body piercings for younger folk. Maybe it's just peer pressure?

So anybody have any insight into this? I really am trying to ask a serious question here.
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Cataract surgery. This site has the following in the post operative care recommendations:
Wear the sunguard dark glasses any time you are outside in the daylight. They will fit over your own glasses.
I was unable to find any other web reference to Sunguard dark glasses, though. It is also unclear whether the need for these glasses is temporary or permanent. Even if it is temporary, I would imagine some seniors just become accustomed to them long after they are actually necessary.
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Simple. They get the glasses for free. They do the job well and most of all they are old enough to TRUELY not care what anyone thinks of their attire. My Dad used them for years and when I asked him about it this is basically what he told me.
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Originally posted by Hilow
Simple. They get the glasses for free.
From where? Can I get some? (just kidding)

I assume they get them for free from their cataract surgery, as mentioned by Fear Itself.

Interesting. The "free" sunglasses I've received after having my pupils dilated a few times (so I could survive going outside) were remarkably flimsy, not comfortable, and wouldn't last very long. But yet these cataract surgery glasses seem to be fairly robust, and must at least be somewhat comfortable. This seems to imply that they are designed/manufactured for long term use. This in turn would seem to mean that cataract patients must wear the glasses for an extended period of time.
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Another nice thing about them is you don't have to remove the eyeglasses you're already wearing. You don't have the expense of a pair of prescription glasses. And they go so well with the black socks and sandals.
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NO, NO, NO....

Just because I'm able to use senior discounts, do I really have to wear those glasses?

I positively will not wear those high black socks with sandals, especially with shorts. Hilow, you are right there are some things we don't give a shit about anymore, but I draw the line with the socks and white belts.
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You're all wrong. They really aren't sunglasses at all. In truth, they are the latest and greatest in Virtual Reality visors. They come with a program to make everything look like the '50s again, thats why so many old people wear them.
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Does anyone but me think about the Visitors in the movie "V" every time they see these?
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I have seen ads in senior oriented publications and infomercials targeted toward seniors. These ads emphasize that normal sunglasses let in uv rays from the sides that will cause cataracts.
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