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I was parking in my regular (illegal) parking spot, and for the first time in a year I got one of those damn stickers. It's a big, fat, embarrassingly bright orange sticker that they slap on your drivers side window that tells you to move your car or the towing company will tow it. I once heard a guy talking about a good method for removing them, but I forgot what he was talking about. All I remember is something about water and a hair dryer. Anybody have any ideas.
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I never got one of those stickers. But i'd try using water and a rag to get most of the paper off.Than maybe a razor blade to scrape the glue off.
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I might be wrong fot this particular one, but most sticky tape labels can be dissolved off of surfaces using good ol' WD-40
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I've been able to remove just about any sticker using a hair dryer - heat at the corner and start peeling as the glue softens. Might not work in cold weather, though.
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1. GooGoneR
2. Vegetable oil.
3. Baby oil.
4. Peanut butter.

Not all at once--pick one. Rub in, let sit for a minute, scrape off with single-edge razor blade.
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Originally posted by Duck Duck Goose
1. GooGoneR
2. Vegetable oil.
3. Baby oil.
4. Peanut butter.

Not all at once--pick one. Rub in, let sit for a minute(snip)
I'm gonna have to save this and paste it into the next sex advice thread.
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Stupendous man is right. Every kind of automotive problem can be solved with duct tape, and/or a bent coathanger, and/or WD-40. This is no exception.

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